Massimo and his wife, Adriana,  gave up life in Milan, Italy, to start

a chocolate and ice-cream shop, Le Delizie, in Newlands, Cape Town. (...)

Maybe it was part midlife crisis and part a reaction to the weak economy in Italy, but Massimo and Adriana decided it was time for change. Massimo had worked for more than 20 years in the steel industry – “one of the first industries to be hit by recession” – and after much thought decided to return to the family business, ice-cream.(...)

“My father and grandfather were both in the gelato business,” says Massimo, from his recently opened shop in the Dean Street Arcade, Newlands. “The idea of restarting the family tradition appealed to me, so I did several courses and training. Now, here we are!”  (...)

(...) In August 2012 they came to Cape Town for a holiday. “We came as tourists, but we were looking at opportunities, at the existing ice-cream and chocolate shops,” says Massimo.

“People asked us why we were coming in August, in winter time,” explains Adriana. “I said that if I love it in winter, I will love it the rest of the year. And I did.” Adriana particularly liked Newlands with its forests and views of Table Mountain. They then spent a year commuting before relocating permanently at the start of 2014. (...)


A  SWEET CENTRE   -    Words GabrIella Geffen

Le Delizie – Artisan Chocolate and Gelato is what happens when you put an economics major and  a quality-control manager from Milan in charge of making chocolate in Cape Town.  

MILAN, 2012. The economy is stagnating. Massimo, ‘the one who knows how to count in the family,’ is looking to move out of the mining industry. Adriana, formerly a quality manager for medical devices, is taking time off after the birth of their son. Their life is ripe for change and they debate the possibilities of a new one on various continents. South Africa has something of a ‘movement’ to it, drawing them in.

While in Italy, planning the Gelato store that they will open in the southern suburbs of Cape Town, Adriana notifies her husband that she will not be going to the chocolate-making course because, simply put, she does not like to cook. ‘But I have already paid!’ Massimo laments. He attends the course instead, and conveniently finds his calling.

Fast forward a few years, some 12 000km to Newlands, and there Le Delizie – a dolce haven – stands. Adriana does the talking, the designing, the packaging, while Massimo’s realm is the kitchen, and there, he reigns alone.

At first, they had no idea where to begin, yet Adriana uttered a mantra which, spending an instant in that shop, one can see has been the theme of their entire lives: ‘Let’s start with our style.’ (...)




Abstract PRIVATE EDITION - Issue 33-September 2016


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